TO/Van Comparison: Detached Sales to New Listings

Our next step in the Toronto/Vancouver detached market comparison is to look at their sales to new listings ratios. Currently, inventory is growing in Canada’s two most significant housing markets, albeit at two different paces: drastically in Vancouver and slowly in Toronto. Tracking the monthly sales to new listings ratio of each city will provide … Continue reading TO/Van Comparison: Detached Sales to New Listings

Vancouver/Toronto Comparison: Time Shift

This post is our third installment tracking the price comparisons of the markets of Vancouver and Toronto. Recent trends have shown that Toronto’s market trails Vancouver’s, and when a nine-month time shift is removed, the two cities have near parallel movements. As we did in November, this post will be our quarterly update on this … Continue reading Vancouver/Toronto Comparison: Time Shift

Leveraging Inventory Levels & Hindsight

Hindsight is great. In hindsight, so many things that happened become obvious, and Toronto’s housing market is no different. In 2016, detached inventory levels were dropping while sales were climbing, so the pressure on prices was immense. While it may have been a stretch to predict that 30% gains would happen, significant gains should have … Continue reading Leveraging Inventory Levels & Hindsight