New Home Sales: Condo Prices Drop

The new home sales data from April showed condo sales vault back to life but at the expense of their prices. Meanwhile, single family home sales continued to improve over last year’s poor results, with even prices improving month to month for the first time since November, though they remain down from last year. Source: … Continue reading New Home Sales: Condo Prices Drop

Vancouver/Toronto Comparison: Detached Update

For the first time in years the detached markets of Toronto and Vancouver seem to be heading in opposite directions. Even when adjusted by our experimental nine-month time shift, Toronto is showing some strength while Vancouver appears to be in a free fall. After nearly five years of price alignment (with a nine-month time delay), one … Continue reading Vancouver/Toronto Comparison: Detached Update

Mortgage Rates, Mortgage Rates, Mortgage Rates!

The GTA finally has reason to be optimistic about home sales. After a nearly two-year sales drought, April showed strong year-over-year growth to kick off the spring season. The overall volume may still have room to grow to match the high sales years of 2015 and 2016, but any time there is a 17% improvement, … Continue reading Mortgage Rates, Mortgage Rates, Mortgage Rates!